8: Travel and Transportation

Getting Around Hilo

There is an affordable bus system on the Big Island. There is a bus stop close to the UH Hilo campus. Using the bus or buying a bike will be the best ways of transportation in Hilo. The bus operates every day except Sunday and holidays. The fee is $1 for students, and only cash is accepted (no debit/credit cards). You will have to show your UH ID card, which you will get during orientation. Going to the Prince Kuhio shopping mall from UH Hilo takes about 5 minutes by bus and 15 minutes by bike.

Some international students have bicycles or mopeds, and some purchase cars. Please note that parking cars on or near campus is often difficult and it can be quite expensive to own and maintain a car. Hawai’i State law requires automobile insurance for all drivers. Also, you will need a valid International Driver’s License or get a Hawai’i State driver’s license to be able to own a car in Hawai’i. Buying a car may not be necessary unless you are living far away from UH Hilo.