3: Housing

The cost of the residence halls on campus varies from about $1,772 to $3,377 per semester. In addition, you must purchase a meal plan if you live on campus in any residence hall except for Hale ‘Ikena (which has a kitchen).  The meal plans cost varies from about $2,352 to $2,726 per semester.  The cafeterias, or dining halls, on campus offer a varied menu including vegetarian options.

Some dormitory rooms do not have a private bath or toilet. In­stead, residents share large “com­munity” bathrooms, which are separate for men and women. In the United States, a bathroom in­cludes a toilet, a sink, and a bath­tub or a shower. Generally, students living in a dormitory have to follow a set of rules to ensure smooth com­munity living. There are rules to control the noise level, the clean­liness, the number of visitors, and other aspects of living. These rules can vary from building to building to cater to different stu­dent tastes. For example, some dormitories might be designated as “24-hour quiet” buildings for students who prefer a more stu­dious lifestyle, while others might not have strict noise regulations for students who have a more spirited lifestyle. Make sure you are familiar with the rules when you move in to a residence hall to avoid unnecessary discomfort or misunderstandings.