3: Housing

Show Respect: It is not always easy to live with other people, especially those who come from a different cultural background, so it is important to show patience and respect. Everyone has their own habits and expectations. Communicate your expectations about quiet times and other issues and ask your roommates about their expectations.

Be responsible: Do your part. Pay your share of any shared bills and pay them on time. Do your share of the housework, but don’t clean up everyone’s mess. If you use dishes, wash them. Nobody likes to clean but it has to be done. To keep your room or apartment clean, everyone needs to pitch in.

Set Boundaries: It is important to remember that each person in the room or apartment is entitled to his/her privacy. You should refrain from entering a roommate’s room, opening mail, using a roommate’s property without permission, or invading the other person’s personal space. Be open enough to discuss problems as they arise.