4: Class Registration

How do I know what classes to register for?

If you are a freshman or transfer student, the GPS system will show what classes to register for. You will be able to make changes in your class schedule after meeting with an academic advisor during Orientation week.

If you are an exchange student, disregard the classes that are shown in the GPS system, and instead click on “Register” then click on “Add Personal Choice,” and then click on “Select a Course for this Requirement.” Then search for the classes you want to take, and add them.

If you have been admitted into the English Language Institute, you will register for classes in Hilo during orientation.

Contact Jim Mellon or Todd Shumway if you need help with selecting classes.

You will also have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor during Orientation to discuss your class schedule, add classes, and/or make changes to your class schedule.  You can access the UH Hilo catalog which contains descriptions of all courses and other important information.

You can find the list of classes being offered here.  (To get to that website directly, just go to the UH Hilo homepage at http://hilo.hawaii.edu, click on “Current Students” and then click on “Current Classes”).