7: Health Requirements

Other Important Things to Know about Health Insurance:

  • Although health insurance may cover the majority of medical expenses, you should be prepared to pay a portion of the cost. Even with health insurance, people usually have to pay a certain amount to pay for some medical costs such as a visit to a doctor or medications.
  • You must have health insurance for the entire time you are enrolled at UH Hilo. You will be required to provide proof of adequate health insurance each year.
  • If you are bringing dependents such as a spouse or child with you to UH Hilo, they must also have insurance coverage.
  • Some U.S. health care providers are reluctant to bill foreign insurance companies for health care charges. They prefer to receive payment directly from the patient and let the patient seek reimbursement from the foreign insurance company. Unless you are certain that your health insurance plan is equal to or better than the plans available in the U.S., and that your home-country health insurance policy can be billed in the U.S., you should probably purchase health insurance after you arrive in the U.S.