13: On-Campus Orientation

I have been working as an orientation leader for two semesters. I have been working for all new incoming students. Some of my major jobs are interacting with new students, leading campus tours, and hosting some events during orientation. My job is not only during orientation. I also contact students before they come to Hilo and answer their questions. I love this job because I love meeting new people. I can meet over 300 students in just one week. Actually some of the new students from this year are good friends of mine now. In addition, being an orientation leader is not only fun stuff, but also it is very responsible. I always keep in mind that I, an orientation leader, am a representative of UH Hilo.

Briefly, orientation is a welcoming event from school and a new student’s “head start” of new life at UH Hilo. During orientation, students will have opportunities and chances to participate in many different sessions and workshops. Through which they’re able to learn about school facilities and resources available to them. One of the biggest events new students may be excited about is meeting new people and making new friends. The orientation is a great opportunity to meet new people from different places, different countries, and be friends with them.

Now, let me explain some events happening during orientation. The first thing that new students have to do is check in for orientation. That is usually one day before orientation starts. One of the events new students are expected to participate in is convocation, which is a formal welcoming ceremony. During the orientation, several welcoming parties are also held. During orientation, many different types of sessions and workshops are offered such as academic sessions and employment workshops. Students will meet some faculty from their majors too. Field trips, activities, and tours are offered. Through orientation, campus tours are available too. I recommend you go on one of these tours, so that you can be familiar with various locations on campus.

For international students, there are some special programs. New international students may be asked to take English placement exams. They may be also asked to participate in different sessions in which they can learn about some special programs that are available to new internationals students.

So, orientation is important because, as I have explained, there are many important sessions and workshops in order to start a new student life here at UH Hilo successfully. Students are able to get used to this culture and place ahead of time. Also you can try new things and make many new friends during orientation. It’s a lot of fun! So we hope to see you soon at orientation!