11: Cultural Differences

Adjusting to a New Environment

In the Campus Life section of this online orientation, you learned about several programs that UH Hilo has to help international students thrive at the University: the Buddy Program, the Host Family Program, and the International Student Association. The International Student Services office at UH Hilo is also a great resource to help you adjust to your new environment. And, as we talked about in the “Campus Life” section of this online orientation, there are lots of club, activities, events and trips that you get involved in at UH Hilo. We recommend that you actively engage in at least one of these programs. By doing so, you will find it easier to adjust to life in Hawai’i. You will have new friends and a support system in place. Your buddy, host family, and/or other international students will be able to explain U.S. American and Hawaiian customs and cultures and help you understand and adjust to the differences.