10: International Student Association

Unite: International students at UH Hilo have a lot in common with each other. You all come from different parts of the world and Hawai’i is a new home for you. ISA unites international students on campus and enables you to support each other in your “home away from home.”

Serve: ISA engages in activities throughout the year to give back to the campus and local community. The UH Hilo and the local Hilo community are very welcoming to international students, so helping out with a community service project a couple times a year is a good way to let the community know how much we appreciate their hospitality.

Educate: ISA tries to help students and others on campus and in the community learn and know more about other parts of the world. You may find that some people at UH Hilo are not familiar with your country or culture, so ISA tries to help others develop a global consciousness and appreciation of other cultures on campus.