10: International Student Association

Aloha! On behalf of the International Student Association here at UH Hilo, I’d like to welcome you to the University. ISA has been around for about 40 years now. Not only is it one of the oldest student organizations, it’s also one of the largest student organizations here on campus.

The ISA model is to unite, to serve, and to educate. We all come from different backgrounds, different countries. UH Hilo is known to be one of the diverse universities. It is represented by multiple ethnic groups. So, one of the things that ISA strives to do is unite all of the students from different countries through activities or social events.

The third part of our model is to educate. A lot of people here in Hilo don’t know much about cultures of different countries. We find it important to not only teach ourselves and learn about other cultures within ourselves, but also to teach the community here at UH Hilo. Some of the activities that we have done so far are going to Waipi’o Valley, which is a very beautiful place here on the Big Island. We’ve gone on other outdoor adventures with the outdoor adventure club here on campus. We’ve done community service, like painting community buildings. We also have special events like the International Night, which is a very big event here on campus. It’s a two night event that brings in together different cultures. Different student organizations participate and show their ethnic dancing.

We hope you will join us for some of our upcoming activities and we would love to hear some of your ideas on how we can make International Student Association a fun organization for you. We hope to see you soon! Mahalo!