There are several health-related matters you will need to do both before you come to Hilo and after you arrive. The State of Hawai’i has strict health regulations that UH Hilo students must follow. These laws are in place to ensure the public health of the campus community.

Health Requirements Form

Before you come, you must complete and submit the mandatory Health Requirements Form. Our Student Medical Services staff needs to know if you have had two doses of measles vaccine, with at least one of the two being a Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine. Don’t worry though: If you have not had these vaccinations, or if you are not able to provide records to prove that you have had them, you can get the vaccinations in Hilo when you arrive. Your doctor or a health care professional will need to fill out part of it. However, if you have copies of your immunization records, you can attach a copy of your immunization records and fill the form out yourself.

Click here for more information about the MMR vaccine—including in Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

You should send in the Health Requirements Form as soon as possible. Not sending in this required form may cause a delay in your registration for classes. Mail, fax or email ( the form to the UH Hilo Student Medical Services. The information on the form is kept confidential.


7: Health Requirements